User Guidelines

Zen Embroidery and Puma Studios believes in free speech. It’s an important freedom and we want to foster open communication. That being said there are some types of speech we feel are harmful to the community and will not be allowed on our site.

Our User Guidelines are detailed more fully below. This list is not exhaustive and Puma Studios may update this list in the future if additional clarification becomes important. And please remember, interpretations of what fits into any of these categories is up to us. If you notice content that is in violation of these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions, please bring it to our attention so we can review and investigate.

Illegal content and conduct
We don’t condone such activity.
Intellectual property (IP) infringement
If we believe content infringes on the IP rights of others it will be taken down.
Like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, we know it when we see it.
Technologically harmful content.
Direct upload or links to malware, spyware, adware, or any other malicious or destructive code is not allowed.
Charlatans, impostors, fakes, fakes and frauds need not apply.  Be true to yourself!
Directly threatening material
Play nice everyone! Direct or tangible threats and name calling will be deleted and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
Posting private information
Please don’t post personal and private information, either yours or someone else’s.
Spam or machine-generated content
You hate it, we do to.
Please don’t post such content.  We take active steps to prevent spam from getting posted but some could slip by our filters. Once we notice it, it’s going to the bit bucket.
Off Topic
Content that is clearly off topic from the site or from the area of the website in which it is posted may be moved or deleted at our discretion if we feel it doesn’t add value to the conversation.